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Your Success Is Defined By Where  You Place Your Power. Be Intentional. 

You’ve seen a baseball whizzing through the air.  Once the ball leaves the hand,  the path is clear and  momentum can’t be stopped. 

Or can it?

Now imagine that this same baseball is flying through the air in the middle of a hurricane. Will broken glass still happen? Outside forces, beyond our control, are now at play. If you actually WANTED to break the window,  strategy and intention are the tools to accomplish that.

What if the path that you are running down IS NOT taking you where you want to go?  Are you stuck in forward motion or  can you change tracks?  And can we overcome hurricane force winds to accomplish the result we desire? 

The answer, my beautiful friend,  is all about energy and intention.   And YES, you can change the trajectory of your energy and more importantly,  manifest what you actually want instead of the default that you are getting.

If you’re ready to step into business and intention in a whole different way, apply to join our community.  

For those who are ready to overcome circumstances beyond your control, this is a  complete game changer.   

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